Optimal placement of bumblebee hives

Correct placement of hives

The right placement of bumblebee hives can significantly enhance the pollination efficiency of bumblebees. The following steps can be taken to increase the productivity of bumblebees:

  • To ensure successful communication between bumblebees and humans, it is crucial to position the hives in visible locations, enabling easy identification and access for both parties.
  • For optimal visibility, it is recommended to place the colonies near pathways, preferably within a distance of 2 meters.
  • During the winter, sufficient light should reach the hives, while direct sunlight should be avoided during warmer periods. Yet, bumblebees need sunlight to be effective pollinators.
  • Additionally, it is essential to maintain humidity around the hives below 80%.

Hive placement for different seasons

Increased light condition (Spring, summer)

During these seasons, it is advisable to position the hives at a height of 20 – 60 cm above the ground on the south side of the path. This location ensures that the hives receive adequate shade throughout the day. In case of insufficient shade, additional measures should be taken, especially in autumn when the Wireless Beehome System is closed. In times of high temperatures, protect your bumblebees from heat.

Low light condition (Winter)

In winter, choose a spot where the hives receive early sunlight, typically on the north side. If needed, the hives can be placed higher inside the crop, at a minimum height of 1.4 meters above the ground, particularly in dense crop areas. On the darkest days of winter, consider placing the hives above the crop near the greenhouse roof. This allows bumblebees to receive maximum daylight, aiding their orientation. To avoid overheating, ensure that the hives are not positioned too close to heat-generating lamps. Additionally, provide protection from direct sunlight in the afternoon using screens placed above the hives.In times of low temperature, protect your bumblebees from cold.

Recommended hive quantity

For optimal performance, it is best to avoid clustering more than two hives together. When placing hives vertically (not recommended), ensure the hive exit points face different directions, away from the crop. For horizontal placement, entrances may be in the same direction, but away from the crop, with a maximum of two hives grouped together.

Protection of the hive

To maintain hive efficiency, it is crucial to shield the hives from adverse weather conditions, such as condensation and rainwater. Regular hive maintenance and checks are recommended to ensure the well-being of the bumblebee colony and prevent potential risks.