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Date published: April 03, 2024

Choosing Between Spidex Red and Spidex Vital


Understanding the difference between these two can significantly enhance the success of your pest management strategy.

When it comes to combating spider mite infestations, selecting the right predatory mite can make all the difference in a successful control strategy.

For over 50 years, SPIDEX (Phytoseiulus persimilis) has been the top predator for a substantial portion of spider mite situations, but in recent years it has evolved into two main formulations; the traditional SPIDEX RED and the new SPIDEX VITAL.

Unique strengths of each product:

Spidex Vital:

  • Food Source in the Bottle: One of the crucial aspects of Spidex Vital is that it comes with a food source. This source of food is important for maintaining the vitality of the mites when using this product preventatively or when there is a small amount of spider mites in the crop.
  • Proof of Predation: Spidex Vital offers a practical advantage by providing concrete evidence of predation, as the product will change color, going from white to red. This enables growers to track the efficacy of their pest control measures more tangibly.
  • Mixed Life Stages: provides longer term control for periods of less pressure as eggs and small nymphs will live longer than all adult Spidex Red formula

Spidex Red:

  • Quicker Response Time: The unique harvesting system used for Spidex Red ensures almost all of the persimilis are adult females. This characteristic leads to a swifter response time in terms of feeding and reproducing on spider mites.
  • Immediate Ovipositing: Spidex Red boasts a unique advantage with its 95-100% gravid (pregnant) female persimilis composition. The ovipositing (egg laying) process commences immediately, contributing to faster population growth and pest control as soon as it is placed in the crop.

When should you use Spidex Vital and Spidex Red?

Spidex Vital can be used as a preventative or light curative against the two spotted spider mite, where slow sustained control is required. It should also be used any time a product needs to be stored at a facility before placement. The food in the bottle provides a buffer against starvation, which can decrease fecundity.

Spidex Red should be used as a curative against the two spotted spider mite, where you need control immediately. The higher proportion of adult persimilis in this formulation translates to quicker short term spider mite control as adult persimilis eat more spider mites than juveniles. For quick, curative action, Spidex Red provides the quickest response time.

When should you not use Spidex Vital and Spidex Red?

Spidex Vital should not be used in situations where a rapid response is required, such as hot spot treatments or where there is a severe spider mite situation.

Spidex Red should not be used preventatively or when the product is stored at a growers' facility prior to application, as it has no food source in the bottle, so it is susceptible to starvation. Once persimilis become active they need to have a food source otherwise their fecundity (ability to reproduce in the crop) degrades.


The choice between Spidex Vital and Spidex Red should be based on the specific conditions and needs in your crop's environment. While Spidex Vital offers a food source for preventative/light curative applications and proof of predation. Spidex Red excels with a rapid response and sustained feeding capacity for heavy infestations. By carefully evaluating your crop's needs and the unique attributes of each variant, you can make a well-informed decision to effectively manage spider mite infestations and promote healthier crops.