Spidex Vital Plus – Effective spider mite control in a sachet

Spidex Vital Plus – Effective spider mite control in a sachet


Give spider mite hotspots no chance

The innovative rearing system created by the sachets of Spidex Vital Plus allows Phytoseiulus persimilis to multiply in the sachet and disperse into the crop over a period of several weeks, extending the efficacy. Spidex Vital Plus has been specifically developed to build up defense lines to control spider mite infestation in your crop. Hotspots of spider mites are enclosed by a ‘dam’ of predatory mites giving spider mites no chance to break out further and the hotspots are eventually completely eradicated. Spidex Vital Plus works well on all life stages of the two-spotted spider mite but prefers to feed on younger stages.

Tim Bossinga, Product Manager: 'By placing the sachets strategically in and around identified hotspots of spider mites, growers are now able to build of defense lines to both control the mites in the hotspots and prevent further infestation of the crop’.

Reasons to use Spidex Vital Plus

  • More reliable spider mite hotspot control
  • Labour saving
  • Efficacy over prolonged period
  • Less spilling of predatory mites

Extended efficacy saves labour
Subsequent generations of predatory mites emerging from the sachets make sure that the predatory mites are present in the crop over a longer period of time making it difficult for spider mites to escape the predatory mites easily. This strategy can be applied where it is needed most. The increased efficacy and prolonged effectiveness of Spidex Vital Plus provides you with more time to focus on other areas of work. The sachet application is more time efficient, which offers potential savings on labour.

Easy application
Spidex Vital Plus is easy to use. Introduce the sachets in and around hotspots and repeat biweekly. Spidex Vital Plus sachets can be used in combination with Spidex Vital bottles.

Born to fight
Spidex Vital predatory mites are born to fight your spider mites. It gives you the best control over hotspots; building populations through faster growth, and proof of predation. Once the predatory mite has consumed several spider mites, the colour will gradually change to the characteristic red-orange colour.